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Streaming with RealSystem G2 and SMIL

Presented at Web Design World 2001 by Jim Heid

Hi! From this page, you can view or download the slides for my session as well as many of the example files I showed.

Here's what's here.

My slides -- In Adobe Acrobat PDF format (540K download).

Each of these samples is a compressed ZIP archive; uncompress them to your hard drive and then work with the HTML and RealMedia files locally. Note: These embedded-media examples work with Netscape Navigator only. It is, however, relatively easy to create cross-browser embedded media.

Audio quality examples (3.7MB) -- hear examples of various compression settings and note their impact on voice and music quality.

JavaScript-spawned video example (433K) -- a video clip plays in a small window that appears when the surfer clicks link within a page.

SMIL example (827K) -- includes source images and RealPix, RealText, and RealAudio files. (Based on examples created by RealNetworks.)

Theater example (379K) -- a RealVideo clip displays in a theater-like scene, thanks to separate graphics positioned within a table.

Also see the Web Design World "magic URL" page for links to additional SMIL resources and streaming media articles.

Heidsite > Streaming Media Session

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